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About Us

At Spacetime, we offer an intimate understanding of technology, management consulting and value engineered systems to empower your investments, business growth and processes.

By providing scalable solutions in energy saving, energy training and more, we help you create energy-efficient, sustainable and future-ready cities and spaces, in UAE and around the world.

Spacetime enables you assess complex requirements, devise cost-effective solutions and implement safe work environments by intersecting advanced technologies with human behaviour and mechanisms.

Our capabilities are reinforced by our client focused teams and their local expertise.

We are a Futuristic company that specializes in the domains of International Business Development, Strategic Management Consultancy and Enterprise Technology.

Equipped with a global outlook and world-class capabilities, Spacetime extends a wide gamut of value-engineered services to boost your business performance, identify opportunities, reduce operational costs and maximize value in new global economies.

We particularly specialize in the successful launch of professional or business services industry – one of the fastest growing components in world trade.


Our integrated business consulting model ensures meticulous preparation and strategic marketing activities to launch your business services in a foreign market.

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