Intelligent Street Lighting

Intelligent Street Lights for Smarter Cities

In an era of automation, it provides an encouraging premise for municipal bodies to implement new-age technologies for Smart City outdoor applications.
Spacetime provides a wide variety of Intelligent Street Lighting & Smart Electrical Systems in UAE and international markets.
Since street lighting contributes to a significant part of any cities’ energy use, it puts growing concern on modern municipal budgets everywhere.
Intelligent street lights are fast emerging as a vital part of sustainable cities’ by significantly reducing the cost and volume of energy consumption as well as the manpower cost for maintenance.

Why Intelligent Street Lighting?

Spacetime’s Smart Street Lighting System provides an end-to-end solution to deliver full awareness of street lights performance in your defined range and area. By intelligently monitoring and controlling them remotely in response to varying environmental conditions, to determine sustainable and cost-effective street light management.

These intelligent street systems supports automated light management through the use of sensors (e.g. luminosity, proximity and environment sensors).

Advantages of Intelligent Lighting Systems

  • Configure, control and monitor your lights wirelessly via the wirelessnetwork.
  • Reliable, responsive, preventive and predictive maintenance planning for superior system control.
  • Reduced downtime and energy consumption.
  • Data analysis to address lighting faults in a better way.
  • Optimized manpower and inventory management.
  • Harness smart technologies to explore Internet of Things (IoT) driven solutions.
  • Energy efficient LED lighting reduces carbon footprint and long term operation costs.
  • Movement Detection : sensors to monitor footfall and traffic flow - generating important data to aid in city planning.
  • Uncompromised safety and security for a pedestrians, cyclists, motorists.
  • Customized, scalable systems to fit project specifications