Management Consultancy

Premium Corporate Structure Management for UAE and international markets.

As a strategic business hub, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged to be a significant and attractive commercial destination for global companies to establish their roots.
To achieve your commercial pursuits and consolidate your Corporate Structure Management in the UAE and larger overseas markets, Spacetime applies and implements proven methodologies, tools and an extensive knowledge database to mobilize your company’s key business operations in the region.
A popular corporate management quotes states rightly states: "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things" - Peter F. Drucker, world renowned American Management Consultant and author of several business books.
For us, the driving force is your seamless integration and consolidation into a country's market, to the effect that it becomes second skin to your commercial identity.

By reinforcing our in depth expertise of UAE’s Companies’ License Acquisition, Regulatory Practices, Business Flow Analysis, IT systems, Finance Management, Approvals and Procedures, Spacetime spearheads your business activities into actionable, measurable results from the word go.
We front your corporate and administrative duties with a multi-disciplinary approach, giving your company just the right impetus to boost your business, so you can focus on flourishing your core operational aspects in the UAE.

By helping our clients identify and implement cost saving initiatives, we boost their organizational management and control, ability to identify and manage risk and improve quality.
Furthermore, we enable our clients to decide the scope of UAE jurisdictions by analysing their needs in cognizance with the political, legal, tax and financial systems.

Our major services with regards to Corporate Structure Engineering in UAE includes:

  • Company Formation and Application Assistance for Offshore and Freezone in UAE.
  • consulting on Business Activity.
  • Determining the Jurisdiction for proposed business.
  • Understanding the licensing and approval requirement.
  • Preparing Business Plan.
  • Liaising with concerned authority for administrative purpose.
  • Assistance to manage and understand the UAE residency process.

Our Market Strategy. Your Foreign Market Success.

Spacetime is your trusted partner to ensure the best market entry strategies in UAE for any emerging business.

Some of the reasons that businesses look to expand their presence in UAE and other foreign markets include:

  • Greater profit margins
  • Varied, lower operational cost
  • Acquisition of new skills with better manpower
  • New-age technologies and diversified costs

Any business faces innumerable pressing questions while determining if the company processes are robust to cope with the proposed expansion? And to determine the commercial end goals?

Upon acquiring key indicative answers, Spacetime devises a perfect market entry strategy in UAE for your business success.

Analysis of these options establishes the best approach for your market entry strategy in UAE like:

  • Opening a branch office in new market
  • Working from your home market
  • Partnering with another company
  • Appointing an agent or other representative.

Spacetime recognizes the need for professional expertise to consolidate your company management and its operations at every level.

Our team of professionals implement turn key solutions to ensure timely achievement of all your company’s key administrative goals.

You work closely with our internal business and corporate advisory teams in UAE to build long lasting relationships with financial institutions, lawyers, business influencers and decisions makers within the purview of Government compliance and regulations.

We help create your seamless, lawful integrated business entity in UAE. One, that is designed for success.

We are experienced in helping build successful businesses in UAE and propel their journey - from being an entrepreneurial start-up through early maturity - to building their strong future in the region, beyond just commercial pursuits.

Growing a successful business requires the ability to identify opportunities, and implement them effectively.

Our team provides Boards, CEO’s and senior management with practical, hands on assistance to identify opportunities for business improvement and enhanced shareholder value, while successfully implementing a range of transactions.

Here, our core activities include:

  • Advise on Business and General Management of company
  • Assistance in Bank account opening and other financial setups
  • Assistance with Office Set Up and management
  • Acting as Administrative Advisor in Corporate Restructuring Transactions

Spacetime can act as your trusted representative in your target market, and undertake a wide number of timely activities to determine your commercial success in a foreign market.

We specialize in all commercial aspects related to Representation and Business Partnering in UAE.

As your Business Partnering Consultant, Spacetime achieved your objectives in a short tenure on the virtue of its experience and foresight of market conditions.

Particularly, on the perspective of legal, financial and commercial activities that are a top priority for inbound investors.

We help you make the best decisions, so you can move your business forward with confidence.

We mobilize our proven expertise to provide hands-on assistance to manage financial under-performance and cash-flow management.

Additionally, our key activities as your Representative and Business Partnering consultant in UAE include:

  • Organize meetings with key contacts for your in-market visits
  • Oversee your virtual office to give you visibility
  • Test the local market for suitability of your services
  • Identify potential partners, agents, licensees or other business contacts
  • Negotiate agreements on your behalf
  • Manage business establishment and development activities

Overall, as your perfect Management Consultant in UAE, Spacetime helps your emerging company attain increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your key business operations.

By referencing our deep understanding of finance, risk management/compliance, IT systems, operations and human resources, we help you identify and implement cost saving initiatives that are imperative to your commercial success in any foreign market, including the UAE.