Driven by a visionary pursuit of bringing the best technologies to the Middle East and relevant global markets, Spacetime and C&M Technologies cherish their successful Technical associations on acclaimed projects.

For Spacetime's assignments involving the scope of Architecture for collaborative work environment, C&M Technologies steps in as a trusted technical partner.

One of the noteworthy highlights of Spacetime's association with C&M Technologies is that it allows both the companies to leverage and offer the best of their respective services for the greater gain of clients. Through this association, we deliver the best technologies in the domains of energy saving and resource optimization to benefit the lives of people and communities.

Additionally, for the Technical services, Spacetime is also associated with SB Tech, mainly on the Automated Fa├žades Cleaning services - a product from SB Tech - which is delivered in the Middle East through Spacetime. Based on these strong associations with C&M Technologies and SB Tech, Spacetime succeeds in staying connected to global trends as a world-class service provider.