Making Smarter Sense of Innovative Technology & Business Consulting in UAE and beyond

We are a futuristic company that specialized in the domains of International Business Development, Strategic Management Consultancy and Enterprise Technology.

Equipped with a global outlook and world-class capabilities, Spacetime extends a wide gamut of value-engineered services to boost your business performance, identify opportunities, reduce operational costs and maximize value in new global economies.

We particularly specialize in the successful launch of professional or business services industry – one of the fastest growing components in world trade.

Our Core Values - Our Work Ethos

At Spacetime, we nurture great minds and ethics to make an impact on our people, our customers, our partners and the communities we operate in.

We remain focused on evolving the intangible attributes of our business ecosystem.

Customer Centricity

We are unwavered in our commitment to achieve our client's end goals beyond routine contractual obligations. We provide them timely, customized solutions. We create value for our clients. We set industry benchmarks.


We grow by taking initiatives to empower people, boost commercial transitions in new markets and enrich our know-how. We take ownership of our results, act on opportunities, and learn fast from our success and failure.

Smart Growth

By developing market strategies based on relevant economic trends, we boost the confluence of knowledge and innovation, for your business in UAE and beyond.

Team Spirit

Our leadership comprises curious global citizens, keen to make a positive socio-commercial difference. We progress together as one team. We motivate team members to use their hearts and minds to do the right thing.