Management Consultancy

Our integrated business consulting model ensures meticulous preparation and strategic marketing activities to launch your business services in a foreign market.

Spacetime is established to meet the needs of a service exporter who seeks clarity in the following aspects:

  • Needs necessary information to access foreign markets;
  • Faces the challenges of marketing intangibles, characterized by the need to raise awareness and demonstrate credibility;
  • Understands the value of strategic planning for its cost-effectiveness with respect to avoiding mistakes;
  • Needs to identify the right partners and/or alliances in order to succeed in a new environment;
  • Values sensitivity to cultural differences which can affect the bottom line;
  • Chooses to outsource the preparatory work due to limited internal staff and/or expertise, thereby making the process time-efficient;
  • Requires business confidentiality.

Strategic planning and data mapping, prior to a global market expansion, is critical to your commercial success.

Spacetime Business Consulting can make your next venture goal-oriented and cost-effective, by implementing proven methodologies and tools designed for your seamless launch.

Don’t just survive your business launch. Thrive in the international market with Spacetime Management Consultancy