Glass Facade Cleaning

Redefining Glass Facade Cleaning in UAE.

Innovative technologies for a visible difference.

UAE is adorned by glistening skylines, robustly created by innovative world-class architecture. Architecture, that has left a significant impact on the region’s global image.
Glistening skylines deserve safe, and sustainable cleaning solutions. An innovative, world class cleaning system that is sure to leave a visible difference to your glorious building facade.
In a regional climate dominated by sand dunes, winds and humidity, maintenance of a sparkling clean facade poses a resource consuming challenge for owners.
Spacetime steps in as your trusted service provider for advanced Facade Cleaning in collaboration with Glass Facade Cleaning
Glass Facade Cleaning is a world renowned technology, dealing in the manufacture and delivery of globally trademarked and patented ‘Automatic Facade Cleaning Systems.

The Glass Facade Cleaning systems comprise four complete and fully integrated systems:

  • 1. Intelligent Automatic Facade Cleaning
  • 2. Integrated Montage, Services and Maintenance solutions
  • 3. Intelligent Automatic Sun-Shading
  • 4. Intelligent cleaning of roof or land based Photovoltaic Installations

The products and solutions developed set technical and creative milestones for modern architectural glass skins.

  • Glass Facade Cleaning automated cleaning systems are scalable and equally suitable for new projects or existing buildings, skyscrapers or large size glazing facades
  • Accommodates all heights and challenging architectural forms
  • Allows immediate or future integration of LED, PV into own systems (wiring, protection, electricity supply and maintenance)
  • Tailor designed systems in collaboration with the architects or owners to match project specifications.
  • Installation in building by authorized and specially trained fabricators.
  • Replaces the need for large numbers of window cleaning personnel.
  • Saves time, water, electricity and excessive monetary expenses.
  • Easy to maintain and operate, reliable technology.
  • After sales support and supervision

The system is convenient and adaptable to all facade systems and comes in options: unitised system (panel), structural glazing and cover cap (used also as a retro fit on the existing facades).

Solar energy is a major renewable energy source with the potential to meet several climate change challenges faced by modern communities.

As UAE and the global markets move towards building sustainable, eco-friendly economies, the utilization of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels is steadily rising to meet growing demands for energy consumption.

By harnessing the power of solar energy, PV Panels provide a clean, safe and economical source of renewable energy for diverse applications.

However, research suggests that rising air pollution poses a major threat to reduce efficiency of PV panels power production – at average a power production loss of around 15-40% is usually noted.

Thus, regular time consuming attention for the maintenance and cleanliness of PV panels becomes imperative. More so, to achieve optimal PV performance and avoid energy wastage.

Glass Facade Cleaning advanced intelligent PV cleaning system ensures regular cost effective cleaning of both build mounted and land based installations.

Any type of PV Panel installation can be instantly and automatically cleaned at the fraction of a cost.

With Glass Facade Cleaning, you avail reliable, safe and dependable technology at work.

  • Enhanced panel surface protection (using the own, worldwide tested, Glass Facade Cleaning cleanser merged with an adaptable cleaning process at low water pressures).
  • Increased residual installation value.
  • Adaptability to most PV systems on the market.
  • Satisfactory return on investment within 1 year of installation.

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