Electrical Engineering and Power Optimization Technologies

Electrical Engineering and Power Optimization Technologies and Services

Smart Electrical and Power Optimization Solutions in UAE. Futuristic Innovations for Smarter Companies in UAE.

As global warming awakens mankind to newer challenges of climate change and environmental issues, leading world economies, including the UAE, are promoting the rise of energy efficient Smart Cities.
In an era that deeply cares about energy consumption to boost eco-friendly and profitable business practices, Spacetime steps in as your trusted partner for super advanced technology solutions customised to meet new-age demands of Electrical Engineering in UAE and global markets.

With a firm grip on Power Energy Optimization Consulting, Spacetime provides leading-edge services for Electrical Power Generation and Consumption, Green Energy, Plant Design and Simulations with advanced professional software and professional customized training.

We provide best-in-class expertise for general planning and project management spanning across installation, commissioning and final handover to meet the demands of fast-track projects.

Spacetime offers cost-effective solutions to leading commercial entities in UAE and the global markets, including:

Company Formation and Application Assistance for Offshore and Freezone in UAE.

  • General planning and project management
  • Electrical engineering modelling and design (HV, MW LW)
  • Smart Power Systems
  • Power Efficiency studies and optimizations
  • Customized training and power systems studies

Our team works closely with large, medium and small enterprises, across different building structures, to help improve their energy performance, reduce carbon footprint and improve profitability.

With innovative electrical solutions, Spacetime continues to support the UAE Vision 2021, along with similar sustainability agendas from across the world.

Agile. Reliable. Energy Efficient. Accessible. Futuristic Power Optimization Solutions for Your Company

Our company implements scalable, smart power solutions to best match the electrical voltage supplied to your building equipment.

The voltage level of a facility's electrical distribution system is often found to be higher than required by the equipment in the building.
Enabling the supplied voltage to reach the actual required level reduces electrical demand and energy use, resulting in cost savings on overall electric utility bill.
Power Energy Optimization refers to the next generation of power grids with multi-directional flows of electricity and information built on a wide distributed network.
Additionally, Power Optimization Technology benefits and extends the life of electrical equipment.
Spacetime enables your company to implement Smart Power Systems, with comprehensive consulting services across Technical, Economic and Regulatory disciplines.
Our company also specializes in quantifying Power Efficiency studies for field measurements, disruption investigation, e.g. post-event analysis, besides facilitating expert software tools for power system simulation and analysis.
This equips your business with an opportunity to boost power capacity through the field of applied industrial, electrical engineering.
Through optimization, your power system becomes smart by communicating, sensing, control and applying intelligence.
Smart Power Systems also keep the environment free from pollution; minimize the cost; mobilize effective operations against all types of hazards and danger.
Our Power Optimization Technologies are more compatible to permit many functions which further enhance the combined use of bulk generation and transmission.
Our electrical engineering team works with precision and crucial coordination to ensure the best fit for client satisfaction.
With our reliable, high-quality and timely completion of work, we have carved out a niche for excellence and for providing the best value-engineered solutions.

  • Implement gradual and cost-effective steps to ensure your building's electrical systems are reliable, safe and energy efficient.
  • Upgrade an older building’s electrical system design with the quality power needed by today's highly sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Partner with Spacetime over the medium to long term, and take advantage of our diagnostic and remediation services.
  • Avail optimum level/ high level of power quality, reduce utility penalties, and the risk of equipment interference or failure.

Spacetime can perform an intensive evaluation of your electrical distribution system and recommend measures to achieve energy savings. Apart from this, our team can also oversee the implementation of these measures.

Consult Spacetime to implement cutting-edge technology at extremely competitive prices.