Architecture for Collaborative Work Environments

Architecture for Collaborative Work Environments in UAE and global markets

New-Age Workplaces that Let You Perform Smarter, Together.

A fast-paced and futuristic technology company, Spacetime continues to expand its innovative portfolio of technological solutions across the UAE and global markets.
At the core of our ethos lies a simple vision - to bring advanced technology within easy reach of businesses, by offering sustainable, user-friendly and affordable solutions.
In an era of global connectivity, We Empower Your Business Transcend Geographical Boundaries and Economic Constraints.
In tune with this work philosophy, Spacetime takes immense pride in partnering with you on technological advancements that are redefining in regional technological deployments, as much as we do.
To encourage companies adopt state-of-the-art architecture for collaborative work environments, we provides unique technological solutions across diverse industries.

Diligent in its role, Spacetime provides design consulting services for a wide gamut of activities like architecting modern, state-of-the art special purpose environments that are designed to facilitate collaborative workflows.

Collectively, we propose and develop sustainable solutions that combine architecture, AV components and state-of-the art collaborative software technologies

Spacetime’s capabilities include development of Architecture & AV based collaborative work environments like:

  • Special Purpose Environment design (Collaboration Centers, Command & Control Centers, Computer Centers, Conference Rooms, Executive Offices, etc.)
  • Office Space and Office Building Design and Consulting
  • Office Space Interior Design

For specific project activities listed below, we also advise our clients on the use of collaborative technologies based on imbedded solutions for:

  • On-site implementations supervision
  • Project management services
  • Technical evaluation for various vendors and materials
  • Specifications for required materials

Why Invest in a Collaborative Work Environment?

According to best-selling author of ‘The Future of Work’, speaker, and futurist Jacob Morgan, companies that embrace social and collaborative technologies are the ones that succeed in the globalized, digital age.

Meanwhile, here, UAE’s vast, skilled workforce, including critical millennials, exhibit the desire to work in a collaborative environment, at par with global human capital trends. With the influx of skilled candidates across industries, it is important that employers realize the true value of collaborative work environment as not only a viable option, but also a strategic opportunity to foster superior worker engagement. What’s more? It aligns companies with global trends, helping them gain a competitive advantage and attract the best talented workforce.

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and the modern workplace follows suit.

Employees now choose where and how they work, supported by mobile technologies that enable them to stay connected just about anywhere.

Skilled workforces want to work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Social media adoption is driving higher expectations for technological developments in the workplace, changing the dynamic between companies and their customers as well.

Spacetime enables companies successfully implement a robust Collaborative Work Environment that is Simple, Accessible and Secure.

With a holistic purview of key business aspects, we foster collaboration across hierarchies and increase personal productivity by providing better technology and work processes.

From employee interaction to project management activities, collaborative work environments improves both a company’s profitability as well as its ability to attract and retain top talent.

Let us see how Collaboration is the winning factor for leading companies globally. And how it can be for you too!

From everyday critical communication to skilled task management, the ability to track your team’s progress in real time poses a liberating and progressive trend for managers and business leaders. With a robust collaborative work environment in place, companies can resolve issues in real time, as team members communicate with each other, share ideas and overcome any doubts or problems a project may be encountering.

Built on standard global infrastructure, our technology is easy to install and use across diverse locations, scalable, repeatable, and manageable. It empowers employees to choose where and how to work to be most productive. Also, it provides greater flexibility and easier access to a variety of spaces to enhance productivity.

In times where employees are treated as a company’s most valued asset, a collaborative work environment aligns their professional expectations with critically acclaimed work processes.

Collaboration helps establish common team goals. And common goals bring people together, fostering a sense of community and purpose. In project management activities, establishing common goals is essential to creating awareness, so all team members understand their duties and task-orientation. Further, by understanding their goals, team members can work together to accomplish mutual objectives.